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Helping a person with depression

Helping a person with depression If you have friends, family, co-workers who suffer with depression, I'd like to offer a few dos and don'ts for you. First, you must understand that no depression is the same. People experience this debilitating condition in unique ways so you must listen and observe carefully to what they have trouble with. Most of us have several symptoms but not all which can change over time. There are many sources for you to get information on depression signs and symptoms. Please read about it to learn before you offer opinions that could worsen the depressed person's condition. We know you mean well but we also have too many people give opinions and advise from their 'normal' perspective which is radically different from our minds. Here is a good starting list to get an understanding. The DOS: Ask non-judgmental questions and be prepared to help or step away if your help is not needed. Would you like me to do ____________ with yo